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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Definition|Define of method overloading in java with|of example

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    Method Overloading  :
         Method overloading in which its method name is same but its signature is different.
     Signature represents the following points
     a)      Number of parameters
     b)      Types of parameters
     c)       Order of parameters

    While we are overloading the method return type is not considered.

    The Following Program illustrate the concept of Method overloading
     Class demo
        int sum(int x,int y)
         int z=x+y;
         return z;
       float sum(float x)
        float z=x+9.o;
        return z;
      void sum(char x)
       System.out.println(“this is sum method of char as formal parameter”+x);
    Class maindemo
       public static void main(String args[])
       System.out.println(“this is main method”);
       int  p=sum(10,20);
       float q=sum(19.9);

        The above example in which it contains sum() method is overloaded because 
  all three method names are same but its signature is different. sum(int x,int y),
  sum(float x), sum(char x) of same name sum and its signature number of
  parameters are 2,1,1 respectively, and its Type of parameters (int,int), (float), 
  (char) and order of parameter is different.
                                                               Then we say that method sum() is oveloaded.

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