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Friday, 18 January 2013

different ways of creating|creation of multiple|thread in java using Thread|Runnable Interface

creation of thread in java different ways of creating threads in java creating new thread in java creation of multiple threads in java creating threads using Runnable interface creating threads using Thread Class

    Different Ways orNumber of Ways to Create a Thread:

         In java programming threads plays a crucial role in communication and transactions.
 Thread is a flow of control it is used to execute the logic of the program that is defined by
 user.But in java programming, we have two ways to create a flow of control(thread). 
They are

                1)      By using Java.Lang.Thread class
                2)      By using Java.Lang.Runnable Interface

        By using Thread class  we can create thread object or thread directly. But according 
    to user requirements if user defined class requires multiple features then by extending 
    multiple classes into single classes(i:e multiple inheritance) is not supported by java.
    By using multiple inheritance we can over come this problem by implementing interfaces. 
    So by implementing Runnable interface we can achieve. But creation of runnable interface   
    object is in direct.
    In How Many Ways That We Can Create Thread Object Or Thread ?
       We can create Object of the thread in two ways . By extending Thread class Object and by implementing  Runnable interface.

The following concepts are regarding Threading
  •       Multi Threading
  •       Life Cycle Of Threads
  •       Java.Lang.Thread
  •       Java.Lang.Runnable
  •       Internal Flow Of Thread
  •       Synchronization
  •       Inter Thread Communication
  •       Multi Threading PPT
  •       Thread Life Cycle PPT


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