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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Flow of Servlet program with example

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Flow Of Servlet

       A servlet follows a model “ Asingle Instance and multiple threads” it means one object of servlet vlass will provide service to mutilple threads at atime.
   A webcontainer an creates more than one object also for servlet class .it depends on the number of threads allowed by a server to share one object.

Servlet flow

1)      When aclient request is made to a servlet then first it reaches to a server .
2)      A server delegates or transfers the given request to a container.
3)      A container creates apair of request and response object and also thread for given 
4)      Container assigns or stores request and response objects to thread.
5)      Container allows the thread to call service by passing request and response object as 
6)      The business logic is implemented in service method will be executed.
7)      A container collects response of servlet in the form response object
8)      & 9)
         Container prepares response web page and transfers to server.
1    10)   Container destroy or removes request , response and thread objects.
1    11)   Finally a server will transfer a webpage as response backto the client browser.


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