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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

legacy|collection framework classes|Enumeration interface difference in java

legacy collection classes in java l
egacy collection framework in java 

legacy classes in collection framework

legacy classes in collection framework in java 
legacy collection Enumeration interface in java 

difference legacy and collection classes 

difference legacy and collection classes in java

   Legacy CollectionFrameWork :
          The earlier versions of java the concept of collection frame work was known as data structures. The concept of data structures was able to fulfill pure requirements of industry and unable to fulfill some other requirements of industry. Hence the concept of data structures was reengineered to the industry on the name of new collectionframework and the existing data structures was renamed as Legacy Collectionframework.

   Difference between Collection and Legacy collection frame work ?

      Basic difference between New Collectionframework and legacy Collectionframework is 
that all classes and interfaces of new collectionframework are belongs to non –synchronized and they permits us to access common details concurrently where as Legacy Collectionframework classes and interfaces are belongs to synchronized and they always allows us to access individual personal / specific details sequentially across glob.

Real Life Example :

      All the depositors of one bank are recommended to place in New Collection Frame 
classes and interfaces related objects and they can be accessed concurrently by all the depositors where as individual account holders details to be accessed by the individual account holder’s details to be accessed by the individual depositors sequentially and those details must be placed in Legacy CollectionframeWork classes and interfaces i.e: one account holder details cannot be accessed by multiple user’s.

     Legacy CollectionFrameWork contains two types.

             1)      1 – D / single collection frame work.
             2)      2 – D /double collection frame work.
       As part of legacy collection frame work we have the following interface and classes.

  1)     Enumeration (I).

  2)     Vector (1 – D)©

  3)     Stack  (1 – D)©

  4)     Dictionary (2 – D)Abstract©

  5)     HashTable(2 – D)©

 6)    Properties(2 – D) ©

Data Extraction Interfaces are as follows :


          1- D and 2-D Collection Frame work classes are 
        To read the values dynamically from keyboard their is a class.
                 Java.util.Scanner or Scanner class

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