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Sunday, 27 January 2013

static variable|s in java class with example and|vs non|static differnece between

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     Static Variable:

             Static variables of class in which the concept of static has to do with whether
          something is part of a class or an object (instance).
            In the case of the main method which is declared as static, it says that the main 
  method is an class method.
    A method that is part of a class, not part of an object. This means that another class 
 could call a class method of another class, by referring to the Class Name method.

1)  Static variables are those whose memory space is creating only once whenever the class is loaded into main memory irrespective of number of objects is created.
2)  Static variables are always used for storing common values.
3)  Programmatically static variables declaration must be preceded by static keyword.

Syntax :
  Static dataype v1,v2……vn;
4)   Each and every static variable must be accessed w.r.t class name.
5)  Each and every value of static variable is sharable.

The following program illustrate the concept of Static variable:

        Class staticvariableDemo
        static int x=10;
        static void fun1()
           System.out.println(“this is static function”);
        Class oneclass
        void   fun2();
         System.out.println(“The value of x”+staticDemo.x);// calling static data member using 
                                                                                             //class name
        public static void main(String args[])
      oneclass obj=new oneclass();

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