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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

What is|are User|custom defined exception in java handling example guidelines|steps for developing

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   User Defined Exception / Custom-defined Exceptions:   

          User Defined Exceptions are those which are developed by java programmer and   
     supplied as apart of    their project to deal with common specific problems.

   In order to develop user defined Exception Handling based applications, as a programmer, we come across three stages they are.

1)     User defined Exception sub classes
2)     User defined General / Common classes
3)     User defined Specific Classes

  1) User defined Exception sub classes:

     Guide Lines / Steps For Developing User Defined Exceptions:

      1) Choose an appropriate package for placing user defined Exceptions sub classes for 
    common access and   ensure package statement must be First executable statement.

      2) Choose an appropriate user defined class and ensure whose modifier must be public 
    and this class is going to called user defined exception subclass.

     3) Whatever class is selected in step 2 it must extends either Java.lang.RuntimeException  
    or java.lang.Exception for gaining the power for stop the program execution abnormally 
    whenever the application user enter’s invalid input’s.
      Hence step2 is known as User –defined Exception sub class.

    4) Each and every User defined Exception subclass must contain parameterized constructor 
    by taking string as parameter.Here String parameter represents nature of the message.

   5) Each and every  user-defined Exception parameterized constructor either 
    java.lang.RuntimeException or java.lang.Exception by using super(String message).

    2)  Development of User defined General Class:
               User defined general class makes use of user defined Exception sub class 3)   

         3) Development of User defined Specified Class:
                 This development is used by individual programmer and this class makes use of 
          user defined general classes and user defined Exception sub classes

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