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Thursday, 24 January 2013

what|is|meaning how to compile|compilation a package in java from command prompt|line|of with example

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Command For compilation of a package:

       Javac –d .

         Description Of package compilation command :

          1)      –d is an option / switch which gives an indication to the JVM in such way that go to a   
       , take package name and create as a directoryprovided the folloeing             
                conditions must be satisfied.
a)      No errors presents in the
b)      Earlier the package name should not be created as directory (if it is already created then the created directory will be considered without recreating it.
             This directory created as current directory and it will be referred by .(dot).
        2)      “” program will be compiled and generated filename.class.
        3)       Dot(.) refers current directory. Because of dot(.) currently generated dot(.) class file is  
                automatically copied into currently created directory.

   Eg : java –d .

// Create a package JavaJavax and place class called Demo
   Package JavaJavax1;
 Public class Demo
   Public Demo()
  System.out.println(“user defined package”);
Public void display()
System.out.println(“user defined display method”);
Package pack1;
Public interface Test
   Public  void show();

Compiling package classes and interface by using command.
For Compiling package classes and interfaces, we use the following
      Eg : java –d .

Ensure the package “JavaJavax” must be created as directory, program must be compiled, Demo.class must be generated and it should be automatically copied into JavaJavax package. 

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