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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Is java pure or 100% object oriented programming language or Not Why ?

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 Is java pure or 100% object oriented programming language or Not Why ?

   This article about Whether java is 100% purely object oriented language or not.
 In most of the interview whether it would be fresher, Experience of  2+, 3+, 4+, 5+, 6+ interviews.  we can find this type of question  “Is Java is pure Object oriented programming language ? “ or We can find the Question “ Why Java is not pure Java Object Oriented Programming language ?”

Is Java is pure Object Oriented Programming Language?  or
Why Java is not Pure Java Object Oriented Programming Language?

No, Java is not 100% pure object Oriented language. Few Reasons that Supports java is not a pure object oriented programming language. 

Some of the Valid Reasons Why Java is not Pure Object Oriented language.
      1)     Primitive data Types in Java
      2)     Operator Overloading is not there in java.
      3)     Multiple Inheritance is not allowed in java.

Primitive Data Types in java :
         Initially Primitive data types like int, float, double etc… using these types we are representing the data in java. That’s why everything is not represented in the form of object. So Java is not 100% pure Object oriented language. But We Can achieve this  From the Java version 5.0 inclusion of Wrapper class are there such as Integer, Float, Double etc.. these are used to perform implicit numeric algorithms that can convert to string by using toString(), by using Wrapper class we can perform numeric operations.

Operator Overloading :

In java Operator Overloading is not supported, When we operate on two Integer Objects, it always like to operate on actual integer primitive types. The main difference in java that does not allow to operate on Integer, int type directly. We need to override the intValue(), floatValue() methods to perform the operations. Whatever C++ supports overloading of ‘+’, ‘-‘ operators to apply on both object and primitive types. The main logic behind in java not supports operator overloading is due automatic memory management that is provided by JVM. Not similar to C++, Java supports automatic memory management, which allows a daemon thread as garbage collector to work independently of the JVM in dynamically for de allocation of memory space. The main Purpose or reason that java does not support operator overloading to clean the memory instantly in avoiding the potentials leaks, which is possibly occurs through the use of operator overloading and pointers.

Multiple Inheritance : 

Java Does not Supports Multiple Inheritance using classes, but we can achieve it through Interface. If we concern interface we cannot create instance or object for the Interface Directly. 

Multiple Inheritance Using Interface  

Object Oriented Programming Principles or OOP Principles 

1)      Class
2)      Object
3)      Data Abstraction
4)      Data Encapsulation
5)      Inheritance
6)      Polymorphism
7)      Dynamic Binding

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