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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Difference Between ArrayList Vs LinkedList in Java|ArrayList and LinkedList Differences

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ArrayList Vs LinkedList

In Java Collection Frame work Difference between LinkedList and ArrayList is one most Frequently Asked question in Java interview for Freshers,2+,3+,5+,6+ Experience also. Candidate’s who are going to attend for the Interview must be perfect in Core java and Collection Frame Work. In this Collection Frame Work we explained the Difference ArrayList  and  LinkedList is most frequently asked in the Interview, So Candidate must be Prefect in this Sections.

ArrayList Vs LinkedList

LinkedList Vs ArrayList

LinkedList and ArrayList both of them are classes that implements List Interface, But Most of them don’t how the LinkedList and ArrayList work internally in different manner. From Difference between ArrayList and LinkedList in which ArrayList is implemented by resizable array and LinkedList is implemented by doubleLinkedList. From this tutorial you can find the how LinkedList and ArrayList are use in realtime that shows in the difference between LinkedList and ArrayList.

1)    Array is data structure is used to store the data and delete the data is on the basis of the index. That makes faster in adding the element to the array. But Delete an element from the array makes to costly process, after deletion of the element from the array need’s to rearrange all elements. To Retrieve any element from the LinkedList does not iterate on the basis of the index and Random

2)    Performance of the ArrayList is provides O(1) performance for retrieving the element, For LinkedList retrieve Order of O(n).

3)    Insertion Operation are very easy and fast in LinkedList while comparing with ArrayList, there is a risk of resizing the array. ArrayList is need to update its index while adding any element to the ArrayList not at end of the Array. Removal of the element from the ArrayList is similar to Insertion in Arraylist, So LinkedList is better to use.

4)    LinkedList requires much more memory compared to ArrayList, because ArrayList holds the only index data, but in LinkedList it necessary to hold address  of both Previous node  data and next node data.

In Real Time Scenarios Where to Use LinkedList and ArrayList :

LinkedList is not popular when compared to ArrayList, But Linked list is the best option to use in java when Compared with ArrayList.

1)    In Web application or any application always requires to use Random access, if we want to access the nth element in the LinkedList. It’s easy to use.

2)    If Application has more insertion and deletion operations, then it’s  better to use ArrayList, if no Resizing of Array.