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Friday, 10 May 2013

Why Struts Framework is designed in Java|Definition

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    Struts Provides abstraction layer on core technologies like Servlet, Jsp and also uses them to generate Integration logic of Controller layer Dynamically.
According to the MVC architecture Struts Framework is designed. MVC represents  Model, View and Controller Layers. By using MVC architecture makes Struts Framework  more dynamic.
 In Java there are two MVC architectures. MVC 1 Architecture and MVC 2 Architecture.  While developing the Dynamic web applications using Frameworks, MVC  2  is Best Architecture to develop without violation any rules and guidelines.
By using Core Technologies JSP, Servlet Manually to Struts framework Using MVC 2
  1. Develop View Layer logics (Presentation Layer Using Jsp).
  2. Develop Controller Layer Logic (Integration Logic)
  3. Develop Model layer Logic( Business Logic, Persistence Logic)
  4. Implement MVC 2 Principles manually.
  5. Create all necessary Objects Manually.
  6. Develop all the resources manually.
When MVC 2 web application is developed without using web framework software and directly by using core technologies then developer need to develop both common logics and application specific logics of all the layers manually, it takes time and burden on developer.

Struts Framework Design Using MVC 2 Architecture
  1. Develop view layers logics
  2. Develop Model Layer logics.
  3. Configure View and Model Layer resources in the Configuration file like XML.
When web framework software are used to develop the MVC 2 web application programmer need not to develop controller layer manually and also need not to worry about common logics of web application development. This reduces the burden on the Developer.

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